Uninsured? You’re Not Alone.

The Washington Post’s recent feature “Uninsured? You’re Not Alone” highlighted the resources available here at The article clearly, and succinctly, covers the options available to Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia residents who need to buy individual health insurance. Additionally,’s director, Karen Pollitz, talked with readers on the newspaper’s website.

Transcript of Karen Pollitz’s online chat

Washington Post article

The specific resources on this website, cited by the article, are:

Consumer Guides for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance: Washington, DC | Maryland | Virginia | all other states

Options for Avoiding and Managing Medical Debt (pdf file PDF format, 33 pages, 616 KB)

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  1. Health Talks Says:

    Situations like these also happens here in our country. A lot of people/ employes are uninsured… medical insurances are too expensive nowadays but if we have a budget for that… then why not… it’s also a big advantage on our end.


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