New York Times features health insurance advice

Two recent stories in the New York Times featured the website and its free consumer guides. Whether you are self-employed or facing retirement, these articles can provide some advice and perspective on your situation and stories of others in your situation.

Before Medicare, Sticker Shock and Rejection by Fred Brock, April 21, 2008. Pointing out that only a third of employers now offer retiree health benefits, the article discusses some of the technical aspects of getting health insurance if you retire before you are eligible for Medicare and can’t afford COBRA rates for your employer’s health insurance, covering topics like guaranteed issue, premiums and deductibles, some of the ins and outs of COBRA and HIPAA, and high-risk pools.

The article states: “If you have no pre-existing medical conditions (however that is defined by your prospective insurance company), buying individual insurance should not be hard in a state without guaranteed-issue laws.” provides current information on state insurance rules.”

Finding Health Insurance If You Are Self-Employed by Marci Alboher, March 27, 2008. “These [state-by-state consumer guide] primers are comprehensive and frequently updated, and they are a great place to start, especially if you have been wondering about the meaning of jargon that peppers insurance providers’ descriptions of their offerings,” according to Alboher and one of her subjects, Jennifer Jaff.

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  1. Louise Brodman Says:

    i am self employed and looking forward to helpful info on your site.

    thank you.

  2. Barbara Arlen Says:

    If you are self-employed in NY State there are many options if you join a group as an artist, dancer, visual artist, performer, etc.
    It depends what state you are in. I only have information for NY and am not a health provider just a member of a group. If must file a schedule C.

  3. kenny slaven Says:

    hello, i am disabled due to a car accident and have lost my job and insurance.i need some insurance so i can get myself fixed. have any ideas on a way to get some insurance that i can afford on a very low income. thank you.

  4. beverly steib Says:

    I am reading everything i can in terms of being able to retire and be able to afford it.. i am 57 years…. in 2002 i had gastric bypass surgery and have not felt better over these years.. i am finding i am not able to buy health insurance unless i get it thru a job…… is this practice going to change… if so when…. who can i contact.. thank you

  5. k. burgess Says:

    I’m a 26 year old male who had gastric bypass surgery at age 22. It was a complete success. I had and have not had any complications. I lost my job and along with losing my job I lost my health insurance. Is there any insurance company in the nation that takes post gastric bypass patients? I am in good health and work fulltime. Along with that I attend college full time and take care of my sick mother.I have been denied by every insurance company under the sun and those that had a plan for me have a premium of $300.00 a month which is something I cannot afford being paid hourly slightly above minimum wage.I am in perfect health and the main reason I cannot get health insurance is because I had gastric bypass. Will this ever change? or is there a company that will do an evaluation on me to see that am not jiving? Thank you and God Bless.

  6. k. burgess Says:

    If an individual is completely recovered from any surgical procedure getting health insurance should not be a problem.

  7. dentalanth Says:

    Great article. And I also think the response above points out some very good information dental. There are definitely alternatives to employer sponsored dental insurance. It’s just a matter of finding what is right for you.

  8. Trading With Common Sense Says:

    Found the article by Fred Brock inteesting and useful, thank you.

  9. mary bynum Says:

    my is mary Im 46 i have a lot of health conditions,i lost my job and my INSURANCE,I can’t go to the doctor or buy my medication,i have a blood condition,i need to go to the doctor every month to keep blood in me,im sick now and can not get any help.I don’t know what to do.

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