Maternity Coverage Too Expensive

Karen Pollitz, project director for Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, spoke on a Kaiser Family Foundation panel about current health insurance coverage for families, pregnant women and newborns, and about current proposals that may change the way maternity charges are covered.

Speaking about consumer-driven health plans, or “CDHPs,” Pollitz was quoted as saying:

“[The medical cost of pregnancy and delivery] is an issue that consumers struggle with from time to time with health insurance regardless of what kind of plan you have … But the stakes are higher with these CDHPs because if you’re wrong or you have a claim you’re on the hook for so much more money.”

Pollitz offers guidance for those looking at family coverage options from health insurers, covered in an article from Dow Jones’s MarketWatch. Read it here: 10 things to consider about your insurer’s maternity coverage.

Read the full report, available at the Kaiser Family Foundation website: “Maternity Care and Consumer Driven Health Plans.”

Read the Washington Post’s coverage of the report: High-Deductible Plans Cost More for Maternity Care

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