Fixing the health insurance market

Aliza Marcus of reports on the case of Kendra Dyer, the Oklahoma girl whose private insurer decided to stop covering her care when she was 18 months old.

Karen Pollitz, director of the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University is quoted in the story:

Our private insurance routinely fails people when they get sick … The market needs to be cleansed.

Fortunately for Kendra, Oklahoma has a state-funded high-risk pool that Kendra, now 6, is covered under. But only 34 states offer high-risk pools and few provide coverage to all who are eligible.

Does your state have a high-risk pool? Read our list of states which includes contact information for your state’s pool.

Are you about to lose coverage? Each state has different laws that apply to your ability to get and keep health insurance. Visit the front page of our website and click on your state on the map for a comprehensive free guide to your options in your state.

Are you in Oklahoma, like Kendra? Here’s our free Oklahoma guide.

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