Choosing Your First Health Insurance Plan

Mila Kofman, Supervisor of the Maine Bureau of Insurance and Georgetown University Professor, weighs in on one young professional’s question about choosing a health insurance plan.

He says: “my parents are all over me to get insurance (I make $47,000 a year) so I told them I’d look into it. What should I look for?”

See Kofman’s response at Qvisory.

One Response to “Choosing Your First Health Insurance Plan”

  1. tony roland Says:

    Mila: I commend you for asking the obvious which few people will do. Everyone understands group and from my personal and business experince very few understand the individual market. I sugggest looking for an agent or agency who only “writes” for estabhlished A to A+ rated companies who specialize in the individual market (Assurant, World ). Call you insurance commissoner and ask for the number of complaints filed against the carriers and you may want to “Google” law suites and xxxx company or something along those lines. I was stunned at the number of law suites and the massive amounts of money involved with the top carriers in America. We have a compnay created in 2006 and feel free to check out our wesbiste listed above and you can call me too Tony 770-485-6205 if you need to leave me a long distance call back # that will be fine too. PS I am only licensed to sell in the state of Georgia :)

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