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 CoverTN is a state sponsored plan designed to provide health insurance to uninsured workers and their families.  The program offers streamlined health insurance coverage to employees of small employers by cost sharing with small employers and employees.

  • In order to enroll in CoverTN, small employers must meet certain eligibility requirements. The business must be in Tennessee, have 25 or fewer full time employees, including self-employed individuals, with 50% of employees earning $41,000 or less annually. In addition, the employer has not offered insurance in the last 6 months (or, if offered coverage, has paid less than 50% of premiums).
  • Individual employees also must meet certain eligibility requirements. If you enroll in CoverTN, your employees can receive coverage if they have maintained residency in Tennessee for 6 months, work at least 20 hours per week, and have not voluntarily terminated health insurance in the last 6 months.
  • Premiums are shared between the employer, employees and CoverTN. As the employer, you will be responsible for1/3 of the premium. Employers have the option to pay the employees share of the premium.
  • Premiums are based on age, tobacco use, and weight. In 2007, the share for each contributing party (employer, employee and CoverTN) share ranges from $34 to $99 per month. In addition to the premiums, employees are responsible for co-payments.
  • CoverTN offers limited health insurance coverage. Benefits include doctor visits, hospital, prescription drugs, and mental health services. All services are subject to a $25,000 annual limit. In addition, you may have a 12 month pre-existing condition exclusion period.

For more information on CoverTN, please contact Cover Tennessee at (866) COVERTN or visit them on the web at

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