Illinois All Kids Program

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The Illinois All Kids Program is a state program that provides health insurance coverage to all children under the age of 19 in Illinois. All Kids can also help in paying premiums of employer-based or private health insurance plans.

· Your child is eligible for All Kids regardless of your income, insurance status, or immigration status.

· If your child has private health insurance, All Kids will help pay for your private health insurance premium through the All Kids Rebate program. For a family of four, monthly income must be between $2,030 and $3,052 to qualify.

· If your child does not have insurance, All Kids provides payment of medical expenses at little or no cost. The price a family pays depends on your family income. For example in 2009, a family of four that has an income of up to $28,000 per year does not have to pay any premiums or copayments. However, a family of four that earns up to $64,000 per year pays a $40 monthly premium per child and pays copayments ranging from $3 to $10 and up to $500 per year for hospitalization per child.

· All Kids provides comprehensive coverage to enrollees. This includes doctor and nurse care, immunization and preventative care, health clinic care, prescription drugs, medical equipment, dental care, eye care, hospital care, prescriptions, speech and physical therapy, and preventative well-child visits, as well as other services.

· For more information about All Kids, visit online at

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