Hawaii Quest

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 Hawaii QUEST also subsidizes health coverage to low-income Hawaiians who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have no health insurance.

  • To be eligible for Hawaii Quest coverage, you must meet eligibility requirements. You must be a Hawaii resident and a U.S. citizen or qualified alien. In addition, you must have a social security number. You must be under age 65 and you must not be blind, disabled, or living in a public institution. Your income must be below 100% of the federal poverty level, although the income limits are higher for pregnant women (185%) and those under the age of 19 (200%). In addition, you must have limited assets. Finally, you must not be eligible for health insurance from your employer unless you are receiving welfare or general assistance benefits.
  • Hawaii Quest has an enrollment cap. If enrollment in the program is full, no new applications will be taken. However, certain residents are eligible for Hawaii Quest without regard to the enrollment cap. These people include foster children, pregnant women and children with household incomes up to 185% of the federal poverty level, people who lose employer-sponsored coverage when they lose their jobs, and certain others. Contact Hawaii Quest for more information about eligibility and enrollment.
  • Six medical plans participate in Hawaii Quest. A choice of all six plans is available on Oahu and a choice of at least two of the participating plans is offered on each of the Neighbor Islands. Some plans limit the number of enrollees. If your first choice plan is full, you may be asked to select a different plan. Enrollees who don’t select a Hawaii Quest plan will be assigned to one.
  • Hawaii Quest coverage includes hospital and physician care, prescription drugs, preventive care, vision care, and other services. Comprehensive dental benefits are available for children. All benefits are offered through managed care plans. Cost sharing is limited, but no copayments will be charged for enrollees with very low incomes.
  • Premiums for Hawaii Quest coverage depend on your income and employment status. Contact Hawaii Quest for more information about premiums.

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