Charter Oak Health Plan

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Charter Oak Health Plan is a program that offers qualified Connecticut residents access to a standard health benefit plan on a guaranteed basis with no pre-existing condition exclusion periods. Premiums assistance is available for low-income enrollees. This program is administered and subsidized by the State of Connecticut in cooperation with private health insurers.

· You must meet certain eligibility criteria. You must be between the ages of 19-64 and uninsured for at least six months. However, the six-month rule can be waived if you lost your job, or if you lost coverage under the HUSKY plan.

· Charter Oak Health Plan covers standard benefits. These include physician services, inpatient hospital services, emergency room care, behavioral health services, prescription drugs, and others. There is an annual benefit maximum of $100,000, and a $7,500 annual benefit limit on coverage for prescription drugs. Cost sharing is required, including an annual deductible that varies depending on your income.

· The Charter Oak Health does not impose any pre-existing condition exclusion periods.

· Premiums for Charter Oak Health Plan will vary based on your income and the insurer you select. Depending on your income, premiums vary from $75 to $259 per month. For more information about premiums, see

· To apply for Charter Oak Health Plan, all you need to do is complete the application and send it in.You can download an application form at|.

For more information about the Charter Oak Health Plan call (877) 77-CTOAK or visit the program online at

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