Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM)

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Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) is a state-run program that provides low-cost health insurance coverage for some middle-income mothers and their newborns with no health coverage or health coverage with limited maternity benefits.

· AIM has five eligibility requirements:

o You must not be more than 30 weeks pregnant by the time your complete application is received;

o You must live in California with plans to stay;

o You must not be enrolled in no-cost Medi-Cal or Medicare benefits;

o You do not have private health insurance that covers maternity care, or if you do have private health insurance, your maternity coverage must be subject to a deductible or co-payment of more than $500.

o You meet the AIM income guidelines. Women with family incomes of 200% to 300% of the federal poverty level are eligible for AIM. Certain expenses will be deducted from your income to determine your eligibility.

· The total cost for AIM coverage will be exactly 1.5% of your adjusted annual household income after income deductions. So for example, if you are pregnant with your first child and married, you would be counted as a family of three. If you and your husband’s monthly income after deductions is $3,053, your cost would be $549. This will cover you throughout your pregnancy and 60 days after your pregnancy has ended.

· AIM’s web site has a chart which will calculate for you the cost of AIM coverage based on your income. Visit them at

· AIM offers medical services through contracts with selected insurance plans that vary county to county. Benefits include, among others, physician services, hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health, prenatal and maternity care and well-baby care.

· For more information concerning the AIM program, call (800) 433-2611 or visit the them online at

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